Liberia from the air

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My last week in Liberia and my last ride for now in a UN helicopter. I will miss the noise, and the being able to hang ones head out the window like a dog with wings.  I enjoy to play with shapes , lines and space in my photography and from the air the simplicity … Read More

A day with the women of Ghanbat 10

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This photo series follows Sergeant Dora Doroye and her fellow female soldiers serving with the UN peacekeeping force from the Ghanaian tenth battalion  based in Buchanan. It follows them from morning worship, leading group exercises, and going on patrol. Ghanbat from herwigphoto

‘And still I Rise’ photo exhibition

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Monrovia proudly hosted an International Colloquium for Women drawing participants from all over the world including prominent female leaders.  I was pleased to have the opportunity to participate and showcase 50 portraits of both prominent and everyday Liberian women at the entrance to the event. This was the second time the exhibition on women of … Read More

Teaching at the University of Liberia

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    From 2007-2009 I had been helping out at the University of Liberia and teaching the Photojournalism class. Remembering back to when I was in college in Vancouver with computer labs, fully equipt studios , darkrooms and a variety of camera equipment to experiment with, textbooks, desks… I couldn’t help but think how lucky … Read More

Black Diamond book cover

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From a photo shoot with Black Diamond in Monrovia, early 2008, here is cover of her book, due out at the start of 2009. amazon Book Description At sixteen, Ellen was a normal young Liberian girl. Her father called her ‘Black Diamond’, because she was so precious to him. But Liberia was being torn apart … Read More

Liberian kids try filmmaking

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15 Liberian children from Monrovia participated in a workshop we ran in participation with UNICEF. They learned how to make short video clips. They worked in pairs practicing basic techniques and filmed their messages  on peace and human rights to be shared with the world on International day of Peace on September 20th. The video … Read More

Fulltime position with the UNMIL

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After two years of working as a freelance photographer in West Africa, I have now received the opportunity to work a full time position with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission here in Liberia as their main photographer. First assignment: a visit by Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Kazakhstan roadtrip video

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[gigya width=”480″ height=”365″ src=”″ quality=”high” wmode=”tranparent” ] Kazakhstan Trip. Uploaded by alemarin9. – Explore new destinations and travel videos. Short personal film by Spanish film maker Alejandro Marin Moreno of a trip we did with fellow photographer Christoph Bolten around Kazakhstan.

Road Apples

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Roadapples from herwigphoto London to St. Petersburg by bike September – November 2002 – Exhibited Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm, September 2003 After having my fill of living in London and a long distance relationship with my girlfriend in Stockholm I made the decision to move to Sweden. For as low as $20 (plus tax) I could … Read More

Short story from India

November 17, 1998Uncategorized No Comments

I wrote this while traveling in India in 1998,  it was fun and therapeutic writing it at the time as I had time to kill while recovering from a stomach bug and had some issues to work out on the motives of street photography. City of Divine Light Varanasi, India, Dec 1998 In the thick haze over … Read More

Ox and Crown

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After graduating from with a Photography Diploma from Langara College in 1997, I started on a long trip around the world, packing with me two camera’s a tiny 35mm Minox and a huge 4×5 Crown Graphic.  I started by hitchhiking across Canada to Montreal, then working for passage on a cargo ship to Cape Town … Read More