Throughout 2012, I joined forces with fellow Bushtaxi member  and filmmaker Olivier Malvoisin to works as a camera operator and sound technician on his latest documentary project, Fini de rire (No Laughing Matter).  The compelling hour long documentary which aired in Europe this spring on ARTE explores the boundaries of freedom of speech and taboo in the world of political cartoons. I was fortunate to join the project on trips to Atlanta, Chicago, Berlin, Tunis, Israel and the West Bank.

No Laughing Matter

Initiated in 2006 at the launch of the Cartooning for Peace association in New York in the aftermath of the
Prophet Muhammad cartoon affair, No More Laughing explores this question through those who, as both
artists and journalists, are at the forefront of a fight that lies at the heart of 21st century political and social
issues: press cartoonists.
No More Laughing uses press cartoons in the same way as a history book is opened: i.e. in order to understand
issues, you distance yourself from them and then analyse them and form your own opinion.
The project is built around a 52’ unitary documentary and a web documentary.
Throughout the course of history, from knowledge, know-how, changes in attitudes, advances in technology,
to the invention of the global printing press and the worldwide web, the fight and defence of freedom of
expression is one which is constantly being reinvented.


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