FEBRUARY 15, 2012: New York, London, Dakar

We’re proud to be launching bushtaxi.org: a tool for organizations and agencies to find talented professionals – photographers, designers, writers, filmmakers – who can meet their communication needs. Global communication is changing rapidly; bushtaxi.org is a vehicle for new, dynamic communication strategies. On the site we’ll also be sharing our stories, projects and experiences.

Explore the site, learn more about the team and check back regularly to hear about our latest projects. You can also subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on facebook.

The opening video on the home page was shot and produced by Christopher Herwig with footage from Peru, Bangladesh and New York, with original music composition and sound editing by Michael Åberg.  Additional footage from Mali by Olivier Malvoisin, with voiceover text written by Kate Thomas. Bushtaxi.org is an original wordpress creation by Jim Shannon.

Introducing Bushtaxi.org from Bushtaxi on Vimeo.

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