An ongoing project by Christopher Herwig.

Inspired by my time in West Africa, I set out to tell the story of our relationship with rain: a force of nature essential to our survival, but one that we cannot control or predict. Photographers often avoid rainy days, as they tend to make dull images. But using camera housings designed for scuba divers, I can enter the heaviest of downpours to look for the beauty and drama of rain, while revealing the hardships and resilience of people living in some of the wettest places on earth. Climate change is exacerbating weather extremes and rain is a major factor in the erosion of economies, displacement of populations and the loss of thousands of lives every year.

Here is some sample footage and photos from chasing the rain in Peru, Bangladesh and Liberia. For more information or to discuss ways your organization can collaborate on this project please contact us.

Rain Preview from Bushtaxi on Vimeo.

Background music: Rain, by Jeanette Alexander


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