In July, 2010, Alastair Humphreys and myself planned a trip across Iceland. The goal was to cross the entire island on foot and by raft, carrying all supplies needed. This unique transportation combination allowed us to explore parts of the country otherwise impossible to normally reach. Our route sampled the incredible geographical diversity of the country with lush farmland, barren highlands, nourishing hot springs, swamps, wetlands, waterfalls, lava fields, and active volcanos. By no means was this an easy trip, as it rained every day for the first two weeks, temperatures dropped near freezing, packs weighed over 40 kilos, winds threatened to rip apart our tent, the food rations never seemed to suffice, the route was unclear, the icy and muddy ground unsure and rivers at times very angry.  There are some new images on my website and a short video here of some of the highlights. Read the full story on Alastair Humphreys blog. Special thanks for Go Lite for providing backpacks, sleeping bags and rain gear for the trip.

Iceland Crossing (10 mins) from Bushtaxi on Vimeo.


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