21 days, 350 kms, 2 hikers, 2 classic poems of adventure and restless wandering

Each day while crossing Iceland, Alastair Humphreys and myself recorded one another as our beards slowly grew, and as we lost a bit weight and a perhaps sanity as well.

Ulysses from Bushtaxi on Vimeo.

The Men Who Don’t Fit In from Bushtaxi on Vimeo.


  • Great photos of your Iceland trip. I’m just wondering what software you used to ensure the face align properly in the videos? Keep up the good work.


    • I used Final Cut – right in the middle of each cross dissolve I could see both faces on top of each other so I just adjusted the alignment and size accordingly to at that point.

  • beautiful stuff, happy I ended up here. Would be good one day to discover you came back to this blog to update it with new adventures.


  • Chris

    This is what brings me the closest to you each time.
    This is the piece through which I look at your photos. Looking for the animal. bigO.

  • There’s too much in this website and in between there’s you. The best of what you do will never fit in a calendar. I merry christmas you.

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