On this previous trip across Iceland, we needed to figure a way to recharge our camera batteries since we would be at least 3 weeks without electricity.  I brought a solar charger  on amazon from powerfilm (F15-600). Although it was useless on the countless rainy, overcast days, it could recharge a Canon 5d Mrk ii battery in roughly 3 hours when the sun was shinning.  The solar blanket is super light and compact and could be strapped to the back of my pack while hiking. I also had tested the smaller version earlier but it was not successful. If you have the space and the money I would suggest going one level up to allow for charging on slightly overcast days as well.  For the charger to work properly with the solar panel you will need a charger that can connect to a cigaret lighter, there are many on ebay for sale for under 20 USD with extra battery.

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  • the solar charger was connected to the battery charger using a cigarette lighter style connection. I had to use a special battery charger that would accept this kind of power, it was cheap and easy to find on ebay. As for charging a laptop, I am sure its possible but you probably need to buy one of the larger models of solar blankets and confirm that its output is enough.

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