From a photo shoot with Black Diamond in Monrovia, early 2008, here is cover of her book, due out at the start of 2009. amazon

Book Description

At sixteen, Ellen was a normal young Liberian girl. Her father called her ‘Black Diamond’, because she was so precious to him. But Liberia was being torn apart by civil war, a war that would destroy almost everything she loved. Government soldiers murdered Diamond’s parents in front of her. Diamond herself was then brutally raped, stabbed, and left for dead. Miraculously she survived. When she was strong enough she made an astonishing decision – to return to Liberia and fight on the side of the rebel forces. Rising quickly through the ranks Diamond became a leader of her own battalion of women. Many believed ‘Black Diamond’ must be a myth or a supernatural being ? but in fact she was just a young girl, fearful but determined to create a better future for her country. This is her dramatic and heartbreaking true story of survival and courage ? and of her struggles to create a new life both for herself and the women who fought with her.

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